3 Healthier Chocolate Swaps

Plant-based and no-refined-sugar swaps for your favourite treat.

Every household has a little stash of rainy-day treats, and if you're anything like us, chocolate takes centre stage. But can you get your sugar fix in a healthier way? We like to opt for plant-based goodies with no refined sugars and minimal ingredients. Take a peek at some of our top-rated swaps.


Ombar chocolates are made with 100% organic and raw cacao, meaning no high-heat roasting and maximum goodness. This pocket-sized 72% dark bar is sweetened with organic coconut sugar and has only four vegan-friendly ingredients. Too good to be true? You'll just have to try it out for yourself .

Pana Chocolate

An Australian founded brand that does handmade, vegan and organic chocolate oh so well. They offer an assortment of inventive flavours, all gluten, dairy and refined sugar free. This delectable bar contains a dreamy combination of crunchy roasted hazelnuts in creamy white cacao. White chocolate just got a massive upgrade.

Raw Halo

We'll admit, the packaging certainly sucked us in at first. But take a quick look at the list of ingredients and Raw Halo checks all the right boxes too. Organic, raw and ethically sourced. The 'Mylk & Pink Himalayan Salt' flavour is ideal if dark chocolate just isn't your thing.

What are your favourite chocolate brands? Have you tried any of the above? Let us know below.

AM x

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