What Your Bath Routine Could Be Missing

Updated: May 25, 2020

Step up your bath-time routine for ultimate bliss.

There's nothing more relaxing than slipping into a steamy bath tub at the end of a long day (even if that day consisted of nothing but staying home and #socialdisctancing). But are you really getting the most out of your soak? Here are a few things that you might just be missing out on.

Dry Brushing

Technically, this step occurs before you even set foot in the tub. Dry brushing is a way of exfoliating the skin and improving circulation. All you will need is a a natural brush with medium-firm bristles to get started.

Grab your brush and starting from the feet, make short sweeping motions upwards towards the heart. Continue moving upwards to cover all areas of the body. With the arms for example, you would start at the hands and sweep upwards towards your chest.

It's best to do this over the bath tub and rinse away dead skin cells once you're done. Glowing skin here we come.

Epsom Salts

Give your body some extra TLC by adding a large scoop (or two) of epsom salts to your bath water. Epsom salts are thought to promote muscle relaxation, relieve stress and exfoliate the skin. You can find a range of blends to cater for various skin concerns, or opt for a lavender infusion to promote restful sleep.


An evening bath just isn't complete without lighting some of your favourite candles for a spa-like ambiance. We like to go for the more natural kind wherever possible.

The Essentials

Committing to a 30 minute soak certainly requires a little bit of prep. You'll want to keep a glass of water within easy reach to prevent dehydration, your device of choice with a playlist all set and ready-to-go (take a look at our favourite podcasts here), maybe even a notepad to jot down any creative ideas that pop up mid-soak. Having a bath tray set up with the essentials makes things a whole lot easier.

Skin Hydration

Now that your skin is exfoliated and feeling brand new, lock in the moisture by massaging in your favourite lotion as soon as you step out of the tub. This will leave your skin feeling super soft and smooth, ready to slip into your fave pjs and into a blissful sleep.

AM x

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