Work From Home Essentials You Need

Updated: May 19, 2020

Everything you need in your new home working set-up.

Many of us have had to quickly adapt to this new way of working, so today we're sharing a few things that will level up your #wfh system. We're all about keeping happy and healthy whilst also staying productive and on track - these are our top picks to help you do just that.

Phone Stand

You'll probably be taking a lot more calls from your home desk, why not give your wrists a break with this foldable phone stand?

Suitable for a range of devices, this portable holder will make it super easy to spot incoming notifications and calls, without having to constantly reach for your phone.


Desk Plant

desk plant terranium decor

If you can't get outside, bring the outside to you! A bit of greenery in your space can make the world of a difference.

This adorable terrarium is the perfect addition to your work desk and makes for great home decor too.


[Plants not included]

Webcam Cover

webcam cover

With zoom meetings now becoming a regular occurrence, you're probably using your webcam now more than ever.

Feeling a little paranoid that your camera might be left on? Well you're certainly not alone.

Try these discreet and easy-to-apply webcam covers to put your mind at rest. Simply slide the tab over when you're ready for the camera, it's as easy as that.


Aromatherapy Roller Ball

essential oil rollerball

It's completely normal to have days where you feel a little overwhelmed with everything going on.

Take a few seconds to apply aromatherapy oils to your pulse points for instant bliss.

This 'Energy High' roller ball is made with a lime, grapefruit and orange leaf essential oil blend. Keep at your desk for easy reach during times of stress.


Back Support Cushion

back support cushion memory foam pillow

Sitting at your desk for hours on end can be a little rough on the body.

Give your back some extra love and support with this plush memory foam cushion. Designed to fit any seat, this will make working from your desk a whole lot more bearable.


Cable Holder

wire cable desk holder organiser

You probably have multiple chargers and cables on the go during the work day. Keeping them organised and in place can sometimes pose a challenge.

These nifty cable holders have adhesive backs and are easily applied to any work desk to keep your cords within easy reach.

No more scrambling for a charger when your battery hits that dreaded 1%.


Any essentials we're missing out on? Leave a comment below!

AM x

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